Investment Highlights


Blue-chip customer base

We have developed a strong, blue-chip customer base that includes leaders in the mobile and broadband sectors, with relationships of up to 40 years.

Proven track record of leading innovation

We have partnered with our customers to develop many “industry firsts”.

Vertically integrated capabilities

Our in-house design and manufacturing capabilities enable us to offer a “one-stop shop” antenna solution to our customers and enable us to better manage production costs and preserve margins.

Strong management and technical team

Our management and technical team has the necessary manufacturing, operational and financial experience and leading edge RF and Satellite technology to propel our continued growth.


Strategically located facilities near our key customers

The proximity of our design and manufacturing facilities to our key customers’ facilities enables us to work closely with their engineers to develop antennas that meet the specific requirements of their products, respond quickly to changes in product design and minimize lead time on purchase orders.

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