Over 40 Years
Over 40 Years of Telecommunications Technology Innovation
Mobile antenna

Mobile Antenna, Wireless Networking & Infrastructure, and Satellite Communications Solutions

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Management Team

Strong financial oversight with skilled team of executives.

Baylin Technologies

Strategic management and oversight to deliver solid returns for investors.

Quarterly Reports

Detailed financials, quarter over quarter, including MD&As.

Board of Directors

Decades of extraordinary experience in communications, finance, law and business operations.

Industry Trends

Baylin focuses on research, design, development, manufacturing and sales of passive and active RF products and services.

Investor Relations

Our investor relations team is ready to help you with the answers you need when you need them.

Baylin-Samsung Phone 1-1500
Baylin-Wireless Router 1-1500
Baylin-Small Cell Pole 2-1500

Galtronics: 40 years of Innovative Antenna Solutions

Galtronics was established in 1978 and is Baylin’s wholly owned subsidiary. Galtronics has grown into a world class company with nimble prototyping capabilities, rapid development of new products and manufacturing plants around the world.


Advantech Wireless: Innovative Solutions for Real World Challenges

Advantech Wireless’ 25 years in business has built a legacy of excellence in designing and manufacturing cutting-edge terrestrial and satellite communications solutions that empower clients to achieve success, at the most economical cost of operation. From the front lines of combat in the world’s most remote regions, to thriving metropolitan areas, Advantech Wireless solutions are consistently at the forefront, empowering people to share critical information quickly and reliably.

Over the years, our innovative technologies have enhanced the communication capabilities of government agencies, military personnel, emergency response units, private corporations as well as internet, television and radio broadcast providers in over 150 countries. We have delivered equipment for thousands of ground systems, all with uncompromising quality. Our clients rely on Advantech Wireless to provide smart solutions that deliver fast, reliable and secure communications anywhere in the world.


Baylin Technologies Investor Presentation October 2022

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