Operations—Galtronics Corporation Ltd.


Operations-Galtronics Corporation Ltd.

Experience means many things including well developed expertise, understanding, wisdom, practice, patience and ultimately, with 38 years of experience, Galtronics has know-how. Galtronics has a proven reputation for technology breakthroughs and continuously strives to ensure that its engineering facilities provide you with the optimal solution you need.

Galtronics is known as the antenna technology problem solvers; they WILL figure it out first. The key drivers behind this approach are the OEM clients. Understanding each specific device, how it needs to integrate with a Galtronics antenna and the environment that the device will operate in, has made Galtronics integration specialists. Galtronics will deliver groundbreaking results through inventively combining the latest technologies.

This exhaustive approach ensures that Galtronics will continue to drive the antenna technologies of the future. Currently the Galtronics teams are busy launching a number of new technologies focused on solving the wireless antenna constraint triangle of size, cost and performance.

40 Years of Innovation

Proven Track Record of Leading Innovation


Company History

Galtronics was founded in 1978 in Tiberias, Israel by Mr. Ken Crowell. The company started making antennas for Motorola two way radios and rapidly improving manufacturing technologies. Later, in collaboration with early industry leaders, Galtronics invented the first cellular antennas for mass production.

Here is a timeline of innovation including many of the antenna “firsts” created by Galtronics since the late 1970’s:

  • 1978-First Motorola Portable Two-Way Radio
  • 1983- Motorola DynaTAC
  • 1987-First Nokia Talkman 900
  • 1988-Motorola GP88
  • 1992-Nokia 1011
  • 1996-First Retractable antenna with Motorola’s Star TAC
  • 2000-Qualcomm QCP-270
  • 2002-Motorola Fred
  • 2002-Elster 2261 ABB WAH Meter
  • 2003-Hyundai H-150
  • 2005-Motorola v710
  • 2006-Cisco Linksys WRT610N Router
  • 2006-Samsung E250
  • 2009-Motorola MiniMach 4272
  • 2010-Samsung Galaxy 1
  • 2011-Samsung Galaxy 2
  • 2012-PEAR Mimo Antenna
  • 2012-Cisco Linksys e4200 Router
  • 2012-Samsung Galaxy 3
  • 2012-Spider Cloud Small Cell
  • 2013-Samsung Galaxy S4
  • 2013-LMP Multi-Wide-Band Antenna
  • 2014-EXTENT Small Cell Antenna
  • 2014-PEAR Ultra Flat In-Building Antenna
  • 2014-EXTENT 30/30 Narrow Beam MIMO Panel Antenna
  • 2015-EXTENT 60/60 Low Band and 30/60 High Band Narrow Beam Directional Antennas
  • 2015-Galaxy S6
  • 2016-Galaxy S7

In a forty year time span, Galtronics has grown to become a worldwide company with over 750 employees, operating state-of-the-art centres in North America, Europe, China, Korea, and Vietnam with world-class manufacturing facilities in China and Vietnam.


In 2015, the parent company, Baylin Technologies made the strategic decision to move the head office from Israel to Toronto to be closer to the core markets that it serves. To underscore Galtronics commitment to the future of antenna design as well as to the success of the company, a new logo was developed in 2016. The dolphin logo and colour changes represent motion and collaboration.

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