With research and development and design centres in South Korea and the United States and world class manufacturing facilities in China and Vietnam, customers are provided with the full suite of production services including:

  • research and development
  • product development and designing
  • engineering
  • prototyping
  • RF testing
  • tools designing and fabrication
  • manufacturing, including plastics injection molding, precision stamping and laser direct structuring and
  • manual and semi-automated assembly.

Galtronics has a combined 20,000 square metres of high volume, assembly intensive in-house manufacturing space in both China and Vietnam. This provides a production capacity of over 14 million units a month. With A-Z turnkey solutions, fast prototyping, rapid production ramps, burst manufacturing, a concentrated supply base and a global sourcing hub, the manufacturing set-up is among the best in the industry.

Major OEM customers are provided with a range of PIFA, FMA, and LDA designs that deliver single and multi-band performance, as well as GPS, WLAN, Bluetooth, LTE and other wireless standards. Designs are adapted to meet customer requirements, including case integrated solutions, integrated speakers and acoustic cavities.

Galtronics machine

Whether you need a simple low-cost stamped metal, intricate flex-film design, complex 3D MID structures, a custom built product or “build to print” services, Galtronics has the solution for you.

The integrated EMS turnkey solution provides case integrated solutions that maximize space utilization, enhance performance and reduce logistics lead time and the product and inventory cost. Galtronics always meets technical specifications and 100% of the products are quality verified on the production line. We ensure a fast worldwide delivery that is completely traceable, meaning that you can track a product down to the minute it came off the line.


Full vertical integration of the design and production services we offered to customers includes:

  • advanced research centre
  • RF design
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Tool fabrication
  • Plastic injection
  • Laser-direct structuring
  • Plating
  • Painting
  • Assembly and integration

Manufacturing facilities in China and Vietnam provide a “one-stop shop” solution to customers and additionally they give the critical scale to bid for and secure significant contracts with leading OEMs in the highly competitive and concentrated mobile sector. Galtronics provides complete in-house execution capabilities and control over the entire antenna design and manufacturing process.

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