Baylin Technologies Announces Recent Orders Totaling Over $2.85M (CAD) for NYC Installation and Approval from a Major North American Carrier for its Entire Suite of Multibeam Antennas

TORONTO, December 14, 2023 – Baylin Technologies Inc. (TSX:BYL) ( “Baylin”) is pleased to announce that its Galtronics subsidiary has won business with a major infrastructure company as well as a global neutral host provider to enhance capacity, throughput, and connectivity throughout Manhattan and the five New York City boroughs on behalf of the big three US wireless carriers.

The $2.85 million (CAD) in orders cover over 400 small cell antennas and represents the potential of additional orders as the region’s infrastructure demands continue to expand in 2024 and beyond.

“As we close out the year, I am very pleased that we have been awarded this significant business by two of the largest infrastructure companies in the US,” said Leighton Carroll, Baylin’s Chief Executive Officer. “You don’t get selected to provide coverage in a fiercely competitive market such as New York City unless you are truly delivering an exceptional solution.”

In addition, Galtronics has received approval from one of the big three US carriers for its entire suite of multibeam antenna products, notably multiple C-Band enabled models. This came after rigorous testing and multiple trials on fixed sites conducted by the wireless operator.

“Galtronics is, in fact, the only multibeam antenna OEM approved by this large US wireless carrier. This approval opens up additional revenue opportunities for our business to take advantage of in 2024 and beyond,” said Mr. Carroll. “Galtronics is now approved by all three of the large US carriers for these innovative products, and the only company which has this status.”

About Baylin

Baylin is a leading diversified global wireless technology company. Baylin focuses on research, design, development, manufacturing and sales of passive and active radio-frequency products, satellite communications products, and supporting services. Baylin aspires to exceed its customers’ needs and anticipate the direction of the market. For further information, please visit

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