Baylin Technologies Announces Approval of Macro Base Station Antennas for 5G by Tier 1 Carrier

Toronto, Ontario – April 27, 2021 – Baylin Technologies Inc. (TSX:BYL) is pleased to announce the approval of two new base station antennas by a major Tier 1 US carrier for use in its 5G macro deployments. The antennas are designed by Galtronics USA, Baylin’s subsidiary.

The Regional Procurement Advantage

Today’s announcement marks a significant achievement for Baylin Technologies. Telecom carriers often procure equipment at the regional level by selecting technologies approved at the corporate level for technical specifications and pricing suitability. Having received corporate approval, the Galtronics base station antennas can now be purchased by regional markets working to build or maintain their networks.

Two Approved Galtronics Base Station Antennas

The two approved Galtronics base station antennas include an 8-port 5G antenna and a 20-port 4G/5G antenna.

The 8-port base station antenna is a C-band 5G antenna with 8T8R azimuth beamforming. This type of base station antenna and 8T8R radio maintains the very high-performance standard required for an effective 5G roll-out and is a lower-cost alternative (CAPEX and OPEX) to full 32T32R or 64T64R Massive MIMO solutions.

The second approved antenna — a 20-port, 8’ base station model — supports all North American mid-band frequencies on eight of its ports, true 4×4 MIMO on existing Cellular 850 and LTE 700 bands and includes the 8-ports of C-band with azimuth beamforming capabilities required for 5G deployment. This base station antenna is also designed in the same footprint as the conventional 4G counterparts, with superior performance plus added C-band Massive MIMO coverage using Galtronics’ patent pending technology.

Galtronics recently announced the successful roll-out of its multibeam antenna line, which is also designed for macro networks. The multibeams are most often used in niche traffic-dense scenarios, while these two newly-approved base station antennas have been developed for broad use across much of North America.

Minya Gavrilovic, President & CTO of Galtronics explains, “Our successes in designing products for the Small Cell and DAS arenas have given our customers confidence that Galtronics can also supply macro antennas for their 5G networks. These antennas provide ideal solutions that allow carriers to continue their 4G deployments while future-proofing their near-term 5G C-band needs simultaneously.”

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