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When selecting your antenna provider for an important project such as a high capacity stadium, it is important to note that not all antennas are created in the same manner. When you choose to partner with Galtronics you are choosing a technologically advanced, superior performing and flexible stadium antenna which will allow you to overcome the ever increasing 4G/LTE data capacity demands and challenges. You will also receive consistent and repeatable performance on key specifications such as PIM, USLS, ISO, RL, MIMO, Patterns, etc. which will provide superior results and customer satisfaction. Quicker network deployment and long term network performance is achieved with the low profile, robust and future proof designs of Galtronics antennas. The cost effective solutions and low cost of ownership will allow for a higher ROI.

Have a look at the attached comparisons to some of our top competitors. We are leaders in stadium antenna deployment. In addition to superior test results you will find Galtronics antennas have a smaller dimension for low visual impact and ease of installation.  Galtronics antennas have MIMO configurations, are PIM certified to meet -153dBc and 1.5:1 VSWR across all bands, and have superior USLS and patterns to better control interference and improve quality and SINR. 

Stadium Antennas Competitive Analysis – 030316>>

The results speak for themselves. For information, please call one of our worldwide sales representatives.

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