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Galtronics Launches MIMO iDAS Antenna for Full LTE In-Building and Outdoor Coverage

PEAR M5277i antenna gives facility managers and building owners greater installation options.

TIBERIAS, Israel – August 19, 2013 – Galtronics Corporation Ltd. announced today the launch of its newest MIMO DAS antenna, PEAR for LTE in-building and outdoor environments. The dual-polarized directional antenna supports MIMO in the 698-960 MHz and 1710-2700 MHz frequency ranges for wireless systems such as DAS (Distributed Antenna Systems).

In addition to its small size, PEAR M5277i offers ideal concealment for buildings with a focus on in-building aesthetics, such as retail centers and hotels. With MIMO, PEAR in-building DAS antenna solutions require only one antenna to be installed rather than two spatially separated antennas. The flat panel and wall-mounted M5277i antenna can be installed near entrances and beam coverage to grant coverage for the most high-traffic areas. The MIMO capability is also useful in long hallways or near the edge of DAS coverage areas where panel antennas can create the boundary between Macro and DAS networks.

Ideal for outdoor environments, the antenna housing is weatherized and holds up well when installed in parking garages, ingress/egress avenues or large venues like stadiums. In addition to its low PIM performance of < -150 dBc @ 2x 43 dBm, the antenna makes the most efficient use of expensive carrier spectrum resulting in increased capacity.

“Galtronics focuses on providing carriers and integrators maximum flexibility in configuring their DAS systems,” said Ephraim Ulmer, Galtronics president and CEO. “PEAR M5277i offers discreet aesthetics, high performance even in problem areas, ultimate choice of antenna placement and almost unlimited range of bandwidths. This antenna truly is an all-around choice for any MIMO environment.”

Further information on the Galtronics PEAR M5277i antenna is available at:

About Galtronics:

Galtronics is a global company providing innovative antenna and communications solutions of the highest quality and design. Headquartered in Tiberias, Israel, with locations in North America, Europe and the Far East, Galtronics has state-of-the art design centers around the globe as well as world class manufacturing facilities in Israel and China. The company offers custom and off-the-shelf antenna solutions from concept and design to production and delivery of products for the world’s leading wireless organizations. To learn more about Galtronics and its offerings, visit

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