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Market Call James Hodgins discusses Baylin Technologies

James Hodgins, president and CIO at Curvature Hedge Strategies, discusses Baylin Technologies.

Host: Mike, in Toronto, go ahead, please

Caller Mike: Hi, I’d like to ask about Baylin Technologies. It’s been a very volatile stock, and I know you’ve been talking about the January effect. Is this one you might consider?

Host: Thanks.

James Hodgins: 100 percent. Appreciate the idea, Mike, because maybe I’ll go out and buy some. We like it here, Baylin, a lot. It got crushed. They had a terrible quarter, that kind of surprised investors. Although, it shouldn’t have surprised people that much, in that nobody is playing Baylin for its current business. They’re buying it for the 5G rollout, and the technology rollout in 5G. And, the antenna technology that Baylin has, we think is going to, at least maintain their market share.

The thing about the difference with 5G, the antenna density is actually eight times that of 4G, and so we think there’ll be just massive demand for Baylin antennas, going forward — once the build out actually happens. And that’s going to happen, probably starting late in 2020 and into 2021 and 2022.

So, we think you should be buying it now, ahead of that. And yeah, again, the January effect should top the stock in the near term.


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