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Global wireless innovator Baylin Technologies well positioned to lead 5G antenna rollout

Regardless of where you are in the world, your business and personal lives are supported by antenna solutions developed and manufactured by Baylin Technologies Inc.’s portfolio of companies. (TSX: BYL)

“Our companies do more than produce millions of antennas each month,” says Randy Dewey, chief executive officer of Baylin Technologies. “Our innovations are everywhere including in the cell phone in your pocket, in the router in your living room, in the base station on the roof of your building, and in satellite earth systems. Our upcoming disruptive technology creations for 5G will help map the widespread changes that will impact many industries and all of ourlives.”

The strategy of aggressive innovation that started 41 years ago is even more important today. Since 2015, Baylin’s enterprise value has increased 550 per cent. Today Baylin is a leader in the wireless antenna world and the only company in the world with leading cellular and satellite communication expertise. With over 1,300 employees in ten countries, its products are sold in over 150 countries.

Baylin’s strategy of acquiring new technology companies not only brings in additional sales, but it also boosts research and development capabilities.These R&D competencies, critical to the ambitious global 5G roadmap, will enable emerging technologies such as autonomous vehicles, remote robotic surgery, immersive gaming, in-line robotic manufacturing, and augmented reality (AR) technologies. These disruptive technologies become possible, in part, due to 5G’s promise of speed, low latency and ultra-high reliability.

“This focus on innovation is critical, now more than ever,” Dewey explains. “The need for faster connections and higher throughput is driving one aspect of our 5G innovations. The other key market driver is the need for uniform connectivity around the world — and that’s going to be explosive in the next decade. We are part of that.”


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